Brazil 2008

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Brazil 2008


We arrived in Manaus in the Amazon region of Brazil after twenty two hours traveling on three different flights. We were met by Pastor John Nunes and his elder son. It was very late in the evening when we arrived so he took us straight to the Hotel. After a good nights sleep (which was really a blessing to us) we got up and had breakfast. At last we felt like we were on mission in Brazil.

Day 1
We were picked up around 6 p.m. and went to our first meeting which was held in the open air. The meeting was in a poor neighbourhood, but there were approximately 800 people present on a small soccer pitch. Approximately 80 people committed their lives to Jesus and there were many miraculous healings that night. These included a man who was totally blind and a woman who was blind in one eye who now can both see. Also a woman was healed and got out of her wheelchair. There were indeed many miracles and many demons cast out at the meeting.

Day 2
Today’s event was another open air meeting held at the local police headquarters, where approximately 100 people accepted Jesus. There were some notable miracles that night. These included a girl who was approximately thirteen years old who was dumb. The first word she said was ‘Hello’. Oh she speaks English I said. Afterwards she was speaking many words in Portuguese. People were healed of all kinds of ailments and many demons were cast out.

Day 3
Sunday morning we were in a small church of approximately 50 people. Two people accepted Jesus as their Saviour and some people were healed by Jesus. A lady testified that her cancer had disappeared; and a woman was healed of her lameness and started to walk freely. People testified of having problems in the spine /hands/legs and arms but they were healed in Jesus name. Amen!!!!

Day 3 Evening meeting
This meeting was again held at the Police headquarters in an area of Manaus called Petropolis. The weather was very good as it was a fine evening for an open air meeting. There were approximately 60 people who made decisions to accept Jesus as their Saviour for the first time. The healings were too numerous to remember, but one which certainly had an impact on all present was a boy of around 15 years of age who was born deaf and dumb. His sister was a member of the church and as you can imagine was very emotional as she heard her brother speak for the first time and could hear very well. Praise the Lord.

Day 4
Tonight’s meeting was again in the open air, where approximately seventy people accepted Christ as Saviour. There were many healings, people’s lives were fundamentally changed. The meeting was an outreach into a new area for the churches.

Day 5
Tonight’s meeting was in a new area and the meetings were held in the church. The Pastor’s name was Carlos and my interpreter was Junio. It was his first time and to begin with it was quite difficult. One person accepted Jesus and there were many healings.

Day 6
The day started early as after breakfast we were taken to the harbour to go for a boat ride with Marcel. He is a navy captain who has his own speed boat. Wow it was a fast ride!! We visited a part of the jungle where we saw our first alligator and we traveled from the River Niger and on to the River Amazon. This was an amazing experience as the River Niger is black and the River Amazon is white yet there is a distinct line where they meet as the waters will not mix with each other. Then we traveled along way down the Amazon to a remote village, to the family home of the boat driver and his wife. Here we walked into the village and prayed for the sick and led people to Christ. We were fed with the Amazon’s famous fish ‘Tumbaki’. For a person that does not each much fish it was an experience as I found it actually was very good. Altogether this trip was probably one of the most memorable times in our lives. Not only because of the trip on the Amazon, but when we arrived back at the harbour side which was very primitive and dirty in the surroundings, as we were walking by the Lord stopped me, as I saw an old lady with her husband waiting for a boat ride into the jungle to go back to her home. I stopped the Pastor and said ‘wait a minute this old lady is blind, I have to pray for her’ The Pastor was surprised but I told him to go back and ask her if she would like to be healed. She said ‘yes’ and also she could hardly walk. I asked the Lord to heal her and she instantly received back her sight and she could walk better. Both her and her husband accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Praise the Lord!

We arrived back at our Hotel just in time to get ready for the meeting at night which was in the same church. My interpreter was Elivaldo who was excellent and the meeting flowed very well. Seven people accepted Jesus and the Holy Spirit touched and healed many people.

Day 7
Today started early with Helen leading a ladies meeting for Pastor’s wives and lady helpers as well as leaders of the churches. There were over three hundred at the teaching, with almost all receiving prayer afterwards. The meeting that night was the last meeting to be held with Pastor Carlos. Twelve people accepted Jesus, many were healed and there were many testimonies of healing from the previous night’s meeting.

Day 8
There were two meetings with the first happening at 5 p.m. and the next beginning at 7 p.m. The meetings were in two different churches. The first church organised a special meeting as there was a curse that needed lifting as a result of the previous Pastors lifestyle. This influence had affected the whole church, probably because of the witchcraft in the area against the church. The new Pastor stood his ground and repented before God of the previous Pastors sin. Then we prayed for everyone in the church and broke the curse. A young fifteen year old girl who was born deaf and dumb was healed. She was speaking quite well for the first time which was very surprising as she had never heard any language before.

Straightway after the service we were taken across to another part of the city to the church of Pastor Barbi. Many were healed and eight people accepted Jesus for the first time.

Day 9
We were picked up at 8 a.m. and taken by car to a new area in Manaus for breakfast. After breakfast we went by car into the jungle area. We went swimming in a very nice pool belonging to the owner of the farm we were taken to. In an orange grove, we had fresh oranges and coconut milk.

The meeting at night was a very anointed time as all the church had been praying for a month for this day. There were ten people that accepted Jesus and there were many miracles. A young man of approximately eighteen years of age who was dumb began to speak; four people walked out of wheelchairs. One of the four could not walk before; another had cancer of the right leg; another was paralyzed; and the other was an old lady who could not walk and was totally blind in both eyes. I guess at her age she probably thought she would never walk or see again in her life. She was totally healed Praise the Lord!

Day 10
This Sunday was to be our last day in the Amazon area. The morning meeting was held at the church of Pastor Julio. The meeting was held in a school’s outside sports gymnasium. Approximately six hundred people attended the meeting and there were fifty four first time commitments to Jesus. Wonderful miracles took place at the meeting; there was a lady who had a problem with her right foot, she had been saving her money for over 2 years to have an operation. She did not need an operation after Dr Jesus had met her; she was healed, and testified to Gods healing power.

Just before the evening meeting the heavens opened and at first we thought the meeting would be abandoned but the driver did pick us up and there were over six hundred people in the church that night. There was many healings and deliverances and ten people accepted Jesus as Saviour.

Day 11
This was a traveling and rest day so we left Manaus for Porto Velho in the State of Rondonia. We stayed in a nice house belonging to Silvia and her husband, who were members of the church.

Day 12
In the morning I spoke at a meeting with most of the Pastors in the town. I spoke on Isaiah chapters 56 and 57. The section of the Bible where it states God’s watchmen are blind. At the evening meeting, there were approximately 1300 people in attendance. I gave them all a challenge to bring every sick person that they knew to the following meetings. I had words of knowledge from God about people with bone problems and cancer in the meeting. Many came forward and many were healed that night. There were also thirty three people who accepted Jesus for the first time; these included a transvestite who had only limited male sexual organs. He had connections with Black Magic, whether directly or indirectly I do not know. But when I prayed for him, a big demon manifested and he was set free. He ripped off the top part of his female dress uncovering his chest and said he was free.

Day 13
In the afternoon, we went to the local hospital to pray for a nine year old girl who was in intensive care. She had been in the USA all her life but her parents had come back to Brazil. Consequently she had not been used to the local germs; she had scratched herself and caught a deadly infection. Her mother was going by the church and she had heard me speaking on miracles. So she came in to the meeting and asked if I could go to pray for her child in the hospital. Later she accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour. The hospital visit we believe was a divine appointment.

The meeting was a great meeting at night attended by approximately nine hundred people. Twelve people accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour; many people were healed including an old man who was suffering from a stroke and could not walk. This man was being helped by two and sometimes three people when he moved. After prayer he walked on his own across the church also up and down the steps onto the platform. Praise God.

Day 14
Today we went for a drive by car to an area that is proposed to become the biggest Hydro Electric Power Station in the world. They are proposing to flood a vast area of the forest. The river runs at a terrific speed thus making it ideal for the proposed project. For six months, the environmental activists ‘Greenpeace’ have been protesting but this have failed. I t is a place of outstanding beauty and wildlife, but ‘progress’ has beaten them. It will supply electricity to parts of the USA as well as South America and will involve jobs for two million people that they expect to come to the area. In the afternoon, we went to pray for the previous Pastor of the church, he was now quite old. Fifteen years ago he had an accident when he fell off the roof. He had been to the hospital and they had damaged his spine. He had lain on his bed for fifteen years and could not move his left leg at all. I felt so sorry for him, bedridden in a poor house with no air conditioning in such a hot climate. His children came everyday to look after him, and sometimes he would choke when eating as he always laid flat. We saw such a miracle when we prayed; he started to kick his left foot. We stood him up and he did one step with his left foot before becoming very tired, But Praise the Lord the miracle has taken place.

The evening meeting was a great meeting with approximately thirty two people giving their lives to Jesus. Many people were healed that night but at first I had felt a resistance to the moving of the Holy Spirit. I was delighted to here a testimony of a man I prayed for last year who had Leprosy. He came specially to give the testimony of his miracle as he was healed through my prayers last year. Also the young man who was prayed for 2 nights ago who was a transvestite, came dressed as a man. He was a real confused person previously because he had male and female parts. He had the ability so doctors had said to have a baby, but he also had male organs as a man but limited. I cursed the female parts when he received prayer and asked the Lord to develop the male parts as a viral man. He came and gave a testimony to all that he was now a real functioning man. What an amazing God we have!!!

Day 15
At 9.00 a.m. in the morning Helen went to speak at a ladies meeting for all the churches of the city of Port Velho. It was mainly a meeting for Pastors wives and approximately seventy ladies were present. It was a time of emotional healing and deliverance for this group, and all were blessed as people gave testimony of their healings. The night meeting took on a similar theme as I was led to speak of healing and restoration. Approximately twelve people accepted Jesus as their Lord and many testified of their healings both from that night as well as some from the previous meetings.

Day 16
Today I received a message from Pastor John Nunes who was my host in Manaus. He told me about the little girl that I prayed for who was born deaf and dumb. Her mother took her to the doctors to have her hearing and speech tested. The doctors said that she had had a miracle because she is no longer deaf and dumb. It is so good when the medical profession have to accept that Jesus is still the same ‘Yesterday Today and Forever’. The night meeting was another good meeting; there were twelve people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and there were many healings that night. A man who had to be helped into the room was walking in the front of the stage totally healed. A deaf mute who was approximately forty-five years of age was healed. Two deaf people were healed and many powerful demons were cast out as I spoke about ‘The man in the tombs’.

Day 17
This was to be my last day in Porto Velho; we were scheduled to speak twice as it was a Sunday. The morning meeting started quite early at 9.00 a.m. It was another good meeting mainly for the church; I spoke on conditions and promises. Many received prayer for anointing. I believe this church has really been set free.

The meeting in the evening was a wonderful meeting, I spoke on Psalm 103. Approximately fifty people accepted Jesus as Lord and there were many miracles. Most of the church cried when we said our goodbyes. We went straight to the airport for our next mission which was in Rio de Janerio. After having a shower, we found the flight was delayed for approximately two hours.

Day 18
We arrived in Rio and went straight to bed for a sleep. Next day we were to travel to the imperial city of Petropolis.

Day 19
After arriving in Petropolis we went for a horse and carriage ride around the city. The meeting was a small meeting as the church had been on a teaching course for three weeks. An extra meeting was therefore a bit too much for most people. Nevertheless everyone who was prayed for to be healed received their miracle. Approximately twenty five people received ministry. Cancers left two people instantly; many bone problems were healed with one lady who had been suffering for twenty-three years from arthritis was instantly healed. People with stomach problems were healed and demons were cast out.

Day 20
We arrived back in the city of Rio de Janerio today. The meeting was in a relatively new church and with around sixty people attending. Many people were healed of all types of sickness and eight people accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Day 21
This was to be our last day of ministry before returning to the UK. It was in an area that was renowned for crime and violence. There were around one hundred and fifty people at the meeting. Eight people accepted Jesus as their Saviour and many were healed from a variety of illnesses.

Day 22
Homeward Bound. We had a good travel back home, with the blessings of the Lord. Our luggage was way over weight, so we asked the Lord to make it light. When in Rio, Tam airlines booked our luggage all the way to Birmingham, so it did not have to be checked in at KLM airlines; bypassing Rio/Sao Paulo/Amsterdam then to England. Even in Birmingham the luggage was delayed 4 hours so it was taken to our home and even brought into our house for us. How light can you get it!!!

We give the Lord Praise for everything and for the opportunity to serve Him in this way. Also we give thanks for all those who share in this ministry; for all your support and prayers also for those who have looked after our pets and home.

Many Thanks

Pastor David and Helen

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