Bulgaria 2008

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Bulgaria 2008


We arrived in Sofia, the Capital, three hours late at approximately three o’clock on the Saturday morning. After a rest we went to visit a friend of our coordinator.

I spoke at a church where eight people accepted Jesus as Lord, also many were healed. We were taken to see a lady who had a brain tumour, where we prayed for her. Her husband accepted Jesus as well.

Day 2
Bob and Gill went to a gypsy church, whilst I rested that morning. In the evening we went to a different church where many were healed, including the deaf and the crippled and eleven people accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Day 3
This was a day off so we went to the mountains sightseeing.

Day 4
This day we travelled to Plodiv. It was a small church in a gypsy area. There were many miracles including a man who had been blinded in his left eye was healed; a girl who was deaf and dumb was healed; and four people accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Day 5
Today we travelled to Yambol where eighteen people responded for salvation and many miracles happened here as well. A man who had been a singer in a choir in the communist times had been made deaf in his right ear by pushing a rod into it. They did this because he used to sing to Jesus, but after thirty years he was totally healed.

Day 6
We went to a town by the Black Sea called Bourgas. The church here was a very nice building which used to be a discotheque. There were a few people healed of back and head problems also nine responded for salvation.

Day 7
Today we arrived in an old Turkish town called Shumen; we were to stay here three days. The Pastor and his wife had been through many persecutions here, not only from the authorities but from so-called Christians. Their lives had been threatened and attempts had been made to kill them. I was told a Pastor from England had worked with some corrupt judges and lawyers in Bulgaria to take the church off the local Pastor and had made forged papers to take his church building, which they had successfully done. This took some believing, so I decided to go to see this building for myself and spoke to the people there. I felt such an evil presence in the place; therefore I believed the story to be true.

In this stolen building, there were approximately six people for the Sunday morning service. In the new church where we spoke, there were eight hundred people. The Bible tells us that where envy is present all evil is there as well, I believe this to be the case here.
In our meeting the Lord was truly present as approximately seventy people responded for the call of salvation. There were numerous miracles, including a young boy who was deaf and dumb was healed; an old man took out his hearing aid and found he was totally healed; a lady threw way both her crutches and got out of her seat and walked in front of the stage.

Day 8
Before the meeting we visited an old people’s home. This was a very poor place and it was a very sad situation. I spoke to a group of men and ladies and approximately thirty five accepted Jesus for the first time. This included a Muslim lady worker in the home. In the church forty people were saved. Again numerous miracles occurred including a girl who was approximately seventeen years old who was deaf and dumb. She was totally set free and healed.

Day 9
This day was our last day in this town and we had a really anointed meeting. There were many miracles with cancers leaving people; shoulders, backs, legs, healed; and all types of sicknesses left people. There were sixty six people who accepted Jesus as their Saviour for the first time in their lives.

After the meeting we travelled a long way back to Sofia, where we had a meeting that night. It was a good meeting as people had many curses broken in their lives. A young blind boy of approximately fourteen years old was prayed for but at that time he only seemed marginally better. Next day the Pastor told me he was totally well.

Day 10
This was to be our last day in Bulgaria. Bob and I went to a small gypsy church where there was much deliverance from evil spirits and we saw many people healed. Gill went to another church to give her testimony and again many were encouraged and set free from their problems.

Day 11
Homeward bound! I wish to thank everyone for their love; prayer; and support in making this mission a success. We wish to give all the glory to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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