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Can a Christian have a demonCan a Christian web

An age old argument is whether a Christian can have a demon or not, so in the case of that, we have to look closely at the scriptures for our guidance. In this teaching we will look at the ministry of Jesus to lead us in the right path.



Transference of Spiritstranference web

Transference of Spirits is a most important teaching for the Body of Christ in these last days.The enemy of our souls is using almost anything and everything to get his influence into the lives of Christians, in order to deceive and pull them away from the ancient roots of the faith.This is good teaching for the serious believer who wants to really be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A New Identity

A New Identity is what we receive when we become a follower of the Master. We are

now in the kingdom with a new outlook on life and the world.  Every believer needs to know that the has a new identity and in doing so he or she will realize that they have moved into a new realm of the spirit. This is a teaching that justgives us a reality check on something we all should already know as a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Government of God

One of the most demanding and very important subjects that most of the modern day church have no idea about, consequently leaving the Body of Christ open to demonic attack and allowing false teachings to be Government of Godcommonplace in the church. It explains the systems at work. 1/ The Grace of God & 2/ The Government of God


Ancestral Curses

This teaching explains about the reasons many people suffer from the same sicknesses and infirmities as their ancestors as a result of them not following the teachings of the Word of God wholeheartedly. Also it explains how one can find freedom from these problems.Ancestral web

Release from Curses


This teaching is a 2 hour Seminar exposing the curses that many people are living under either due to ancestral links or of their own doings. These can be numerous from financial curses that many are living with or to terminal illnesses, often unexplained by the medical profession. release-from-cursesDavid shows a way of escape out of these entanglements.



Origin of Demons
Demons can play a major role in the life of all humans beings, David exposes these and gives an explanation of their Origin, this teaching seminar complements the book ‘ Agents of the Enemy’. This is a 2 hour teaching course.origin-of-demons




Deliverance Ministry Course

This teaching is usually a whole weekend teaching often a 2 full day teaching. It explains the whole aspedeliverance-ministry-coursect of the Deliverance Ministry, it explains and exposes the subtle working of the enemy into people lives and gives a detailed way out of the curses, spiritual bondage and evil spirits that many are at battle with throughout their lives.




Freemasonry Exposed

This is a very exposing and explosive teaching regarding the secrets of Freemasonry andfreemasonry-exposedtheir allied organisations. Exposing their ungodly oaths and rituals which they all have to perform by being a member of the organisation. Often very upright and noble men and women in society get involved. Inadvertently leaving themselves, spouses and their future generations with the curses as stated in Lamentations Ch 5 v 7 .




Deliverance Ministry Course Symbolismdeliverance-ministry-course-symbolism
This is usually a 2-3 hour teaching Seminar on a very important issue for the Body  of Christ it helps those who are experiencing ungodly supernatural activity in their homes and their surroundings. This Seminar is a major teaching for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to equip it for spiritual warfare against the ‘Hosts of Hell’ which are raging at this time in history.

These are a few of the teachings. If you need to know more or require a visit to your fellowship please get in contact by email david@dwmmi.org

Pastor David W. Measures

Pastor David Measures is an international speaker and is presently the leader of The YTF Church (Yesterday Today and Forever) in Leicestershire, England. The Lord has used him in healing and deliverance and he has witnessed many people being wonderfully set free.



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