Crusades in Brazil

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Crusades in Brazil


Day 1
The Mission started on the 11th Sept. After flying to Sao Paulo from Birmingham via Zurich, I then boarded a flight to Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil. My first city where I ministered was called Timbo. Timbo is a very nice town with the church being an evangelical church of approximately four hundred people. Five people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and this included my interpreter. There were many demons and curses broken that night. There were also wonderful healings of sight being restored, the deaf hearing again and back, face, legs, and feet healed.

Day 2
The next day we were at the same church. I had a barbeque lunch at the Apostle’s home which I enjoyed very much. The meeting at night was hard as they did not have an interpreter only my guide who had never spoken in English before. He had only learnt at school but he was helped by a lady who had a similar level of English. Nevertheless the Lord Jesus used me to minister very powerfully with almost one hundred and fifty people receiving prayer to have sexual bondage to soul ties broken and approximately a hundred people for healing. Many people were touched by the Lord with one man who I told to throw away his crutch and he then walked perfectly. There were so many other healings that night. Also four people accepted the Lord Jesus into their hearts.

Day 3
The next day after breakfast I was taken by car to my next place which was a seven hour drive to a city called Herval D’Oeste. I arrived here at six o’clock and was picked up at seven o’clock to go to the meeting. There were approximately three hundred people at the meeting with over thirty people responding to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. There were many healed and set free from demons that night. The Pastor’s mother-in-law was healed of deafness.

Day 4
The lady who had been healed of deafness the previous night had a prophetic dream about my ministry; time will tell if it was from the Lord. This was a rest day for me as my good friend Dario preached at night. It was a pleasure to be in the meeting as the movement of the Lord’s spirit was great. Many testified of the miracles that they received that night. This included a girl who was around twenty-two years old. She had been born deaf but that night the Lord opened her ears. Praise God!

Day 5
We were still in Herval D’Oeste and I met with the same church with nearly four hundred people attending the meeting. Forty-four people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour with many healed and delivered. An elderly lady who had been paralyzed in her legs in an accident and was in a wheelchair, walked four steps on her own. We put her back in her wheelchair because she was very fearful, but now she is not paralyzed.

Day 6
Today I had to say goodbye to the people of Herval D’Oeste and head for horizons new to a city called Vidara which is still in the State of Santa Catarina. The meeting started at six o’clock as it was Sunday. The church was full approximately five hundred people. Eight people responded to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and many were healed and set free. Jesus really loves His people. A little thin old lady who was around eighty to ninety years old came forward. She suffered from headaches and could not walk very well but after prayer she walked up and down the steps of the stage with no problem at all and with no headache.

Day 7
Today I was in the same city at the same church. The meeting again was full and I had a feeling that the Lord was going to do something special. Sixteen accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour with almost all the church wanting to receive prayer to receive a touch from the Lord. I don’t think I have encountered such a powerful presence of God’s spirit as that night. Everyone went home blessed; this was excellent because it was the last night of the conference in the state of Santa Catarina.

Day 8
Today was a travelling day. I had breakfast at seven in the morning and left the hotel for a five or six hour drive to Chapeco to catch the airplane to Rio De Janerio. The city where I was to minister was Cabo Frio. When I arrived at the airport the weather was so bad that the plane was cancelled. So I had a 10 hour bus ride to Florianopolis. I arrived at two thirty in the morning and had to wait until seven thirty some five hours later to go to Sao Paulo. I caught a flight to Rio and arrived there at eleven in the morning. I then took a car to Cabo Frio for three hours and on to the meeting.

Day 9
The church at Cabo Frio was a small Presbyterian church on the outskirts of the city. I had two young girls as interpreters and it was their first time as interpreters. We had a wonderful meeting at the church which was not used to the Holy Spirit moving and healing people. Approximately twelve people came forward to be healed and almost all confessed they had been healed and set free. I stayed in a very nice home with a lovely family who had a 38 year old son named Marcelo. Marcelo had the gift of prophesy. For all those that are reading this I ask you to pray for him. When his mother was carrying him in the womb the doctors did something wrong. He was born with no co-ordination and twisted all over, there must be a name for it, but I do not know it. I do know there is a name which can overcome his complaint and that is the name of Jesus. I prayed for him a few times.

Day 10
In the afternoon I was taken back to the centre of Cabo Frio for my next engagement. When I reached Cabo Frio I found there was no meeting that night for me so I had a rest which was good.

Day 11
Today the meeting was still in Cabo Frio at Comudicade Avar-ois under the leadership of Pastor Paulo Pereira who was a converted Jew. Here, there was a small congregation of about thirty five people and one person gave their life to Jesus. Many of the congregation were delivered and healed.

Day 12
Today the meeting was in Pastor Washington’s church called Mar. Here two people accepted The Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour. There was much deliverance with approximately ninety five percent of the church set free. There were also many healings including a lady who had been wearing an arm brace and she was totally healed. Another lady’s hearing was restored and a man with a neck and back problem was healed. Other people with leg and back problems were restored.

Day 13
Today the meeting was in a church called Redencao (Hope Garden) under the leadership of Pastor William. The church was in a very poor area, yet they were not poor in their search for Jesus. Everyone in the church was at one time under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Many testified of their healings and for being set free. There were six new converts to the Lord Jesus this night.

Day 14
Today was to be my last day in Cabo Frio before travelling to Fortaleza in the north of Brazil. My last meeting in this city was in the church of Pastor Antonio. The church is called Evangelistica Cominadade Santidade. When I arrived the electricity supply had gone off; so at first we had no power. Then my interpreter who I had not worked with before could hardly understand anything that I was saying, so I decided to pray for the Holy Spirit to touch people. There was much deliverance and healings at the meeting. One remarkable healing was a lady who had a tumour as big as a man’s fist in her stomach was instantly healed with no sign of the lump remaining. Another man who could not move his right ankle was healed as after prayer he was jumping and leaping around. There were approximately ten people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Praise God.

Day 15
An early morning start to catch the flight to Fortaleza in the North East of Brazil was in order. The Pastor here took me to a very nice fish restaurant overhanging the ocean. The water here was crystal clear. The meeting was held at a church called Comunicade Sara. This was a large church of eight hundred teenagers and young adults. My interpreter was Fahyre who was twenty six and spoke very good English. She had a beautiful spirit. She had been living in Los Angeles with her parents for many years. This church was part of a very large group of churches in Brazil and over most of the world. They worked in cell groups where if you are a believer after a period of time you start your own cell group but not with other believers. Twice a week all the cells meet in the main church. This church was started by a Pastor in Brasilia who had a vision for the young. This was a church which had never seen the moving of the Spirit when people were being prayed for. There was much deliverance and healings with approximately thirty to thirty-five people accepting Jesus for the first time. The meeting finished with the Pastor challenging everyone to bring another person to the meeting the following night with everyone agreeing to that commitment.

Day 16
This day we were still in the same church. There were approximately six hundred people in the meeting. There were many testimonies of the healings that had taken place the previous night. Forty-five people accepted Jesus as Lord and many received prayer for healing and deliverance.

Day 17
This day I travelled to the next city called Natal. The meeting was held in a church without any walls and approximately seven hundred people came. The church was called The International Church of Belem under the directorship of Pastor Jonas. Here twenty five people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour for the first time and many were set free from spiritual powers. Many others received prayer for healing including a man who was totally blind in both eyes for five years who was totally healed. He walked back to his seat unaided. Praise God!

Day 18
The same church was the venue for my next meeting. Many people testified of their healings from the previous night although the man who was healed from blindness was not there. But the people told me he had given a testimony on the radio that day. Twenty-one people accepted Jesus this night and many were healed including a man who walked with a crutch but no longer needed that aid.

Day 19
Today was a rest day.

Day 20
This day I was in a different church in the city of Natal which means new birth and often is associated with Christmas. There were symbols in the church that represented the Star of Bethlehem with floodlit images of the three wise men in the city. The church was called Comunicade Sara and was under the leadership of Pastor David. This was a church of approximately two hundred people. Eighty percent of the congregation were under the age of twenty. Twelve people accepted Jesus and approximately eighty percent responded to be delivered from taking consecrated food. This is the food that the catholic and spiritualists give out in the streets to children. There were many miracles, but the one that I will never forget was a young 13year old girl named Niaise. She was born with a paralysed brain and could not speak or move. All she could do was to sit in a wheelchair with her mouth open. After prayer I helped her out of the wheelchair and she was kicking and moving her arms. She was walking and holding my hand with the interpreter supporting her back. The little girl also was making noises with her mouth trying to speak. She DID not want to get back into the wheelchair to go home. Almost all the church was crying at this miracle. She was trying to tell us that she wanted to be one of the dancers. I told her mother to get her a walking frame to begin with so that she can develop the muscles in her arms and legs. Jesus is surely alive and well today!

Day 21
Again I was in the same church and many testified of their healings. The little girl did not come to the meeting because her mother was working but her sister testified for her. She told us that her sister had been out of the wheelchair all day, and just has she came to church that night, the walking frame had just arrived at their home. All the church agreed to buy the frame between them for Niaise. There were twenty-five people who accepted Jesus this night and many others were healed.

Day 22
It was an early start, for I had to catch a flight to Brasilia and then on to Manaus in the Amazon Basin. This was like another country compared to the rest of Brazil. The people here are mainly native Indian. My first meeting was that and was in a Four Square Church under the leadership of Pastor Edward. He was a very nice uncomplicated man with a genuine heart. The church was very small but there were approximately one hundred people there. Four people accepted Jesus and many more were healed.

Day 23
The meeting at night was at the IDPB (Independent Pentecostal Church of Belem) called Philadelphia. There were approximately four hundred people at the meeting and fifteen responded to the call of Salvation. Many people were healed and set free including an eight year old boy who was in a wheelchair. He had never walked in his life before but after prayer, he walked with me holding my hand. His mother broke down in tears as you can imagine. Jesus is Wonderful.

Day 24
It was an early morning start for all the team as we were to go on the Amazon River in a small boat. We travelled down the Negro River then on to the Amazon. We had a guided tour into the jungle, and we were taken to where the Alligators and Piranha fish were. After this we had a lunch on the River in a floating Restaurant. The Meeting was a good meeting with approximately thirty people accepting Jesus for the first time. One man was from East London, and this was his first time of being on an evangelistic crusade. There were many healings but the ones that I can remember the most were for three teenagers that were deaf and dumb. They were all healed by the Lord. One lady had a tumour on her neck and it was almost gone; hopefully the next day there will be no trace of it.

Day 25
An early morning start to go on a bus for a four hour ride to the next city. This city was called Itacoatiara which was a very nice city in the jungle. Here I spoke on the radio that was owned by the AOG Church. The meeting was a joint project for all the churches in the town, which people did say was a miracle on its own. It was a very good meeting with around two thousand five hundred people attending. Approximately one hundred people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and many miracles occurred including a deaf mute person who was healed. Crutches were thrown away and many more testified to their miracles.

Day 26
I travelled back to Manaus for my next meeting which again was a very good meeting in a small football stadium; there were approximately eight hundred people there. Twenty people responded to the invitation to accept Jesus and many were healed and delivered. This included a lady who had been totally blind for 3 years.

Day 27
This was to be my last day of meetings before returning to England, there were approximately five hundred in the church. People responded to the call to accept Jesus and many were healed and delivered. I had one hour to sleep and then had to go to the airport to fly to Sao Paulo for my return to England. This trip has been very fruitful for the Kingdom of God, and I wish to thank all my friends for their prayers which have upheld me the last month. I have felt healthy and strong under hard circumstances sometimes which is testimony to these prayers.

God Bless you all.


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