Ministry in Amazon 2011

DWMMI - A Ministry of Wholeness & Healing to the Body of Christ

May 2011

We arrived on May 2nd in the early hours of the morning after being on the road 24hours and we were taken to our Hotel in Downtown Manaus, Amazonia.

Day 1
In the evening we were taken to the church for our first meeting only to find that it was an open air crusade with approx 1000 people in attendance. It was a joy to be there as last year I spoke at the same place and from that meeting a new satellite church was founded. A lady came forward to confess her healing from the time I prayed for her last year. She was in a wheelchair last year and totally paralyzed. After prayer The Lord healed her, so she wanted to meet me and to give God all the glory. I brought a message of ‘the Almost Christian’ and approx 300 people came forward for Salvation and recommitment to serve The Lord. Apparently 28 were totally new Christians. There were many healings which included 2 no. Deaf Mutes healed, a young man with cancer felt the healing in his body, a lady with stomach pain for 5 years was healed immediately, a lady who had to be brought to the meeting because she could not walk was totally healed to name but a few.

Day 2
There were not so many people this night as it had been raining just before the meeting was about to start. Nevertheless 12 people responded to the call for Salvation and people gave testimony of their healings.

Day 3
The meeting took place in a local gymnasium with approx 100 people present, again it was a new satellite church reaching out to the local community, this is mainly my mission for the next week, starting and helping new churches. Many people responded to the prayer of healing and gave testimony to the delivering power of God also 5 people accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Day 4
The meeting again was in the open air with a church that started 2 years ago after I preached in the same area, they had 50 members and was another satellite church of the mother church under the directorship of Pastor John Nunes. A call for Salvation was made and approx 45 gave their lives to Jesus. When I was about to pray for miracles we had torrential rain but this did not stop us. As we simply touched people many were healed in Jesus name and they gave testimony to the fact. This included a man with heart problems/kidney problems and could not raise his arms. I had a word from the Lord that he would be healed that night and he was.

Day 5
We were taken to a world famous fish restaurant whose owner we told about Jesus last year, now he is part of the local church and leading his own group at the restaurant on Saturday afternoons. After a wonderful meal were taken for boat trip to a local town on the river. The meeting at night was inside at the main church with approx 700 people present. A call for salvation was made and 20 people accepted Jesus as their Lord. Approx 60 people confessed to receiving a miracle including a lady who was a deaf mute who could now speak and hear after prayer.

Day 6
In the morning we caught a fast boat to go to a new satellite church down the river. Approx 50 people were at the meeting with 10 accepting Jesus as their Lord and many was healed including a deaf mute approx 18 years old.
We travelled back, had lunch and prepared for the major crusade for the night meeting.
We arrived at the meeting with approx 1000 people present, the weather was beautiful and the settings were perfect. I preached on ‘the almost Christian’. An alter call was made for Salvation and 40 new people were added to the church that night and many were healed.

Day 7
Rest Day

Day 8
Today the meeting was cancelled for 2 days as the interpreter was not available. In the afternoon we went to pray for a Pastor who was suffering from slight depression. Whilst we were at his house we led 2 other people to the Lord Jesus. A lady had pains in her stomach and was healed after prayer.

Day 9
The meeting was in the church of Pastor John Nunes.
My message was about ‘Strongholds’ and how to deal with them. Many came for prayer to be set free also 3 youths accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Day 10
In the morning I spoke to the Pastors of the Eastern region of Manaus. My message was from 2 Kings Ch 4. ‘Death in the Pot’ A message of deception in the church and how to deal with it! Almost all the 60 people there received ministry for either the ‘Power of the Holy Spirit or to recieve the gift of ‘Discernment of Spirits’.

In the evening I spoke at the church of Pastor Ronildo where 3 people accepted Jesus as their Lord also many confessed to their healings. This included a man who was a homosexual, after the demon was cast out in a dramatic way he gave testimony of his deliverance and healing. Also a boy who was a drug addict and he asked his mother to forgive him.

Day 11
This day we travelled to a small town on the Amazon called Itapiranga under the directorship of Pastor Gerson.
It was a long journey approx 260 miles. We reached our destination after 5 hours. After we had booked into our hotel we went straight to the church meeting. A call for Salvation was made and 3 people accepted, also there was many healings and deliverance ministered.

Day 12
We rose early and travelled back to Manaus in 2 different Taxis meeting each other halfway. The meeting at night was a very good meeting in a small church. I preached on the Paralytic man in Mark Ch 2. There was much healing and approx 20 people set free from generational witchcraft as well as 11 people accepting Jesus as their Saviour. The Pastor was not there as he was suffering from depression as people had left his church and he felt a failure. But this night The Lord God added more people to his church. Praise The Lord!!

Day 13
The meeting in the morning was at the church called Alvorada under the directorship of Pastor Zaciniha. It was a church that I preached at 3 years ago when there were many miracles. This time did not disappoint, 2 men who were paralyzed were healed, one for 3 years and one for 3 months.

An old lady who was mute spoke and many more miracles happened this day.

A call for Salvation was made and 12 people accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time. The retired Pastor was there who had been running the church for 50 years and the awesome presence of God was there, I believe because of his faithfulness.

The evening meeting was called Nova Cidade under the directorship of Pastor Julio. The church was full with people outside as well. A Lady received some powerful deliverance from Macumba (witchcraft) also there were many healings. Salvation in Jesus was accepted by 13 people.

Day 14
Rest Day

Day 15
We travelled to Manicore approx 500 miles down the river on an express boat which took 15 hours, for us it was a wonderful Amazon Cruise with all facilities. Pastor Carlos met us and took us to the Hotel and later had something to eat before going to bed.

Day 16
This was the first day of the 4 day crusade and a very strong Catholic principality. The meeting was attended by approx 120 people. There were many miracles which it seemed mainly all this town wanted, I spoke to the Pastor and I realised if the preacher does not move in miracles then no-one will come to the meetings. A call for Salvation was made and 4 people accepted Jesus as Lord.
I really challenged the people to bring those who needed a miracle and to bring those who needed their sins forgiven the next night.

Day 17
I found out that the Catholic Church had put on one of their Idolatry Festivals for the duration of the crusade and also the AOG Church were going to have one of their own on the last night of our crusade.

The meeting was attended by approx 140 people, where 11 accepted Jesus after much challenging, though they were all happy when they had done so. This showed me the strong spiritual power over this far away town, which has a stronghold of Macumba (witchcraft), Catholic and prostitution. There were many miracles including cancers leaving people and head problems healed as a result of breaking the spiritual control of them. This was a very hard meeting, but the Lord gets all the glory.

Day 18
Today we visited a family who had a 7 year old boy with a terrible skin problem, his name was Lazarus. There was great rejoicing as he received his healing and all six of his family accepted Jesus as their Saviour. All his family came with him to the evening meeting and he was wearing clothes and shoes without pain. I have called him ‘The Miracle Boy of Manicore’. Truly the most amazing miracle I have ever seen, my words cannot explain, and I really do not deserve to be used by the Lord for such an amazing miracle. There was great rejoicing in the church. I gave him a Union Jack the flag of United Kingdom. Tonight I preached on ‘The Almost Christian’ and 21 accepted Jesus as Lord. There were many miracles of healing as well.

Day 19
In the morning we visited people and 2 accepted Jesus as their Saviour and in the afternoon Helen ministered the Word to all the Ladies on ‘Covering’ with prayer following.

The meeting in the evening was our last at this city. The meeting was attended by approx 140 people and 33 accepted Jesus as their Saviour.
There were some amazing miracles including a young man with a broken arm which was in plaster, he had broken it 7 days previous and could not yet move his fingers. He took off the plaster and was totally healed. A lady blind in the right eye with glaucoma was healed also a boy who was blind accept for seeing mixed up colours was healed as well. There was a young man with one side of his chest smaller then the other. I asked him did he want the one on his left side to be larger or the one on his right to be smaller. He replied that he wanted his left side larger and the Lord did the miracle. A total of 78 people accepted Jesus at this town.

Day 20 
We woke early to travel to the next town approx 150 miles away called Novo Aripuana.

We had breakfast at the Pastor’s house and went to a small hotel for a rest. The meeting was attended by approx 300 people and 30 accepted Jesus as their Lord. There were approx 30 people who received miracles without a hand laid upon them as I commanded spirits to leave and broke curses etc.

Day 21
We went for trip on the Amazon River with the Pastor to see the wildlife. There were exotic birds and dolphins also we saw the small area where they extract the oil from the trees that make ‘Channel No5

The meeting in the evening was in the church where 20 accepted Jesus as their Saviour and many received miracles and at least 40 people were baptised in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues.

Day 22
I was taken to a very poor family where the man had a very large tumour in his stomach. We needed to remove some of the Catholic idol pictures that they had. After prayer he said he felt better. In the afternoon Helen spoke at the Ladies meeting which was attended by many women. The evening meeting was to be the last at this town. A call for Salvation was made and 26 people accepted Jesus as Lord making a total of 76 in this town. There were miracles happening including a young man approx 19 who was a deaf mute. When the spirit was cast out he was healed and had perfect hearing but he was too frightened to even open his mouth as it was all strange to him.

Day 23
We travelled by fast boat to our last 3 day crusade which was expected to be the largest of the whole trip at a town called Borba.
The town looked totally different, cleaner and much richer but unfortunately there were much less people and there seemed a very strong oppression. I preached and only 5 accepted Jesus as Lord and that was after I challenged everyone to ask another person if they wanted to accept Jesus. This night was one of the hardest I have ever had in Brazil. I ministered to approx 100 people for healing and only 5 received from the Lord. In this town last year on the 1st Night 250 testified to their miracle and approx the same accepted Jesus as their Saviour, ‘what a difference’. The Pastors told me later that the Catholic Church was praying to their Idols against our meetings. I found out later that the church had been going through many domestic issues that had split the church.

Day 24
The meeting this night took on a different atmosphere and 8 people accepted Jesus as their Lord. As I spoke on soul ties approx 150 people came to be set free. A lady came to give testimony as to what happened last year in my meeting in this town. Her brother had been in a motorcycle accident and was in a coma. She asked me to pray over his photo that was on her mobile telephone. She explained that the moment I prayed for him he came out of the coma. Then I called him forward and he is now all OK.

Day 25
This was to be our last day in the Interior and the meeting was held in the church building. I brought a message on ‘The Good Shepherd’. There were some miracles but no Salvation. This was a disappointing 3 day crusade.

Day 26
We travelled back to Manaus in private aircraft and then caught a plane to Porto Velho the town for our next meeting. The meeting was attended by approx 100 people and 8 accepted Jesus as their Saviour also Helen prayed for people and all were healed, including a Lady with Glaucoma, a Lady with damaged wrist and back. a Lady with a problem with her kidneys.

Day 27
This was to be our last meeting in Brazil on this trip and was in the same church as last night.
It was a very good meeting with many miracles and 9 accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. A very nice surprise was the young man who I prayed for 2 years ago who had leprosy came to tell me he is still healed, which has baffled the medical profession.

We said our goodbyes and prepared ourselves to come back to UK.

Day 28
Homeward Bound

Helen and I wish to thank all who support and pray for us as we all share in the blessings together. The YTF Church soon will be known around the whole world.

God bless you all.

Pastor David.

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