Mission to Bulgaria & Greece

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July and August

Mission to Bulgaria and Greece
The mission started in small churches in Bulgaria, and all were successful for the Kingdom. In the first church where I ministered one person accepted Jesus and many were wonderfully healed. A lady who had a tumour the size of a large egg no longer had it after ministry.

I gave a word of knowledge about a lady who had flashes in the eyes. A lady responded who was wearing dark glasses and was totally healed.

Mark and Kirsty have been ministering in healing and deliverance during the trip. Mark has preached in 2 churches and I believe they have grown in the Lord during this mission.

We separated as a team to enable us to speak to as many people as we could. Doug and Peter ministered in other churches and saw many blessings throughout the mission.

The main crusade was at the weekend. The first meeting was worthwhile but the next night was even better. On the second evening approximately 900 people accepted Jesus as their Lord with approximately 200 healed, this was truly a wonderful meeting filled with God’s power. We were particularly pleased for Stefan, the man who arranged the crusade, for almost all the Pastors of the community joined together for the very first time, although there was some opposition. “Where there is unity the Lord gives a blessing”.

We travelled through the night to Greece just stopping for 4 hours for some rest. Our first meeting in Greece was in Thessaloniki and it was a wonderful meeting with many people healed and set free. After a couple of days rest we ministered again in Katerini in a Greek AOG Church. It was a pleasant meeting, mainly older people. There were a few who received their healing. We give the Lord the glory for all these miracles.
The next day we travelled to Alexandria. This was an interesting meeting in which we needed 3 interpreters English to Bulgarian, Bulgarian to Romaness, Romaness to Greek. Mark testified and Dougie preached. A few more people were healed. Praise The Lord!

After a day’s rest we travelled Athens for our next ministry. We had a good meeting with many healings also 6 people accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time.

After a nights rest we prepared ourselves for speaking in a Brazilian Church, a few people accepted prayer and we had a good meeting.
The following day I ministered in a wonderful Greek Church, there were many healings and we all felt blessed by this meeting. In the evening I went to speak in another Greek Church. Many received prayer for healing and testified to their miracles.

I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and support in helping to make this mission a success.

Pastor David

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