Mission to Bulgaria

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Mission to Bulgaria

September 2008

First of all I wish to thank all those who have supported me on this trip, as the conference in the National Culture Centre cost in excess of 13,000 Euros. The conference was a great success with over 170 accepting Jesus as their Lord. There were many miracles too numerous to count.

All this would not be possible with your kind support so I pray you all feel that you are part of this and I pray you all reap the reward one day when we meet Our Lord and Saviour. Already the organizers are asking me to return ASAP for another such conference next year. That will only be if the LORD desires this to be done; it may be so as His will is that none should be lost but all are to come to the accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

After the main conference we went to different churches where there were great blessings. These people are extremely poor compared to all other countries in the European Union, yet their hearts are very open for the Lord. Part of the team ministered in one church whilst we went to another. Collectively 30 plus accepted Jesus as Lord also many were set free out of the enemy’s clutch and many received healing for their bodies.

Throughout the rest of the week we ministered to different churches. All types of illnesses left people all to prove that Jesus is the same ‘Yesterday Today and Forever’. I want to explain about a few, to me the greatest healing was a small 8 year old boy. He was brought on to the stage by his grandmother and was born with a problem in his right arm. Whilst on the stage he was crying because he had always been in constant pain. I prayed for him in on the stage and he was healed, with no pain for the first time since he had been born. There was also a Lady who had been traumatised for most of her life sexually from her brother hoping to get his own back on his parents for rejecting him. This was deep problem that led her into many bad things. Jesus set her free from all the demons that had entered her life. The next night she testified to all that had happened to her. At this church 55 people accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time in their lives. Later in the week we travelled back to Sofia where as a team we ministered in different churches. There was much deliverance, many healings and approximately another 20 people accepting Jesus as their Lord. This made approximately 275 new believers for the Kingdom of God, which was a great thing for all of us and I pray for all who have supported me to feel part of the blessings.

I am working on the DVD of the main conference and all you precious partners who have supported me will be receiving one shortly. I pray that together with the Lord we can make a difference in our generation, bringing hope and joy to many disillusioned souls throughout the world.

May God bless you all.

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