Mission to Nashville, Tenessee, USA

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Mission to Nashville, Tenessee, USA

January 2008

We were met at the airport by Rev Stu Martin as we landed in Nashville Tennessee. Unfortunately on arrival there was a problem with our case as the lock had been broken in transit. However, we had a new case given to us by the airline, so all worked really out well in the end.

Our first meeting was on Saturday evening at a town called Gallatin at the FGBMFI dinner. Both Helen and I gave our testimonies and 3 responded for salvation. There were many healed that night. The healings included a man who had previously been in a very bad car accident with his body now being held together by steel pins. He was in constant pain all the time. As he was prayed for all the pain left his body. What a relief for him!!

On Sunday morning we ministered at a Pentecostal in Dickson. Helen read a poem she had written and I preached. There were approx 100 people present; as we ministered many were set free from ungodly ties including secret societies. Many received healing in their bodies. This included a lady who was crying because of the pain in her foot that was due to cancer. She left the church with no pain and 4 days later we saw her in a restaurant and she was rejoicing as the cancer had gone and was totally healed.

Sunday evening we ministered at the National Cowboy Church. This was a wonderful meeting and we were in the presence of many country and western recording stars. One lady gave her life to the Lord Jesus and many others were healed. This included deaf people hearing; people with crutches healed of their problems and leaving their crutches behind them in the church; eyesight was restored to people; arthritis left people and spirits left in the name of Jesus. We really enjoyed the love and presence of Jesus at this Church.

The next day we caught a flight to Jacksonville Florida to see our friend and fellow evangelist Jim Epley. We enjoyed 2 days with Jim before travelling back to Nashville.

The following Friday, Helen ministered to a ladies meeting in Springfield. All those attending said that they had a blessed time as Helen shared her testimony. Helen taught on the Word of God and the deceptiveness of Masonry in the Church. I travelled down to the state of Georgia near Atlanta to the FGBMFI Georgia Men’s advance, where I gave my testimony to over 1000 men. Many spoke to me later and told me that they enjoyed listening and were helped.

Sunday morning was a great meeting at the ‘I am a lighthouse Church’ at Wrigley.
The Pastor was very open to all the ministry and they had the largest congregation ever 117 people. A call was made for Salvation and 12 responded, all 12 were first timers to the church. Helen testified and ministered to many as the Lord used her to set many free and perform miraculous signs and wonders. Crutches were thrown away; the deaf began to hear; spines were healed; hands and feet healed; and all types of personal hurts were restored.

After approximately a one hour rest, we travelled to Clarksville where we ministered in a large AOG Church, ‘The First Assembly of God of Clarksville’. This church is under the leadership of Pastor Louie. This was a great meeting Helen read her poem and I preached. There was a large response for healing. The Lord used Helen to heal many people including a little boy with a deformed hand who went back to his seat showing everyone his restored hand. She also ministered to a lady who came on crutches but no longer needed them after she received prayer. Other healings included the deaf hearing; people with bad backs were healed; an 85 year old lady who was in constant pain, was pain free as she ran up the aisle and danced in the church. The Pastor’s wife was healed in her hand and the Pastor was amazed at so many miracles. He has invited us to go to his church again where he wants to put on something special in the area.

Helen and I wish to thank everyone for their love and support and all those who prayed for the mission. Your prayers have been answered and many have said that through our visit to the USA they feel the Lord has opened up new avenues and the USA is about to be changed by the miraculous Power of His Holy Spirit at work through ordinary people.

May God Bless you all

David and Helen

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