Mission to Tema in Ghana

DWMMI - A Ministry of Wholeness & Healing to the Body of Christ

September 18th – 29th

We arrived in Ghana after a 2 hour delay at Heathrow airport. The first feeling we had was a sense of the precious presence of God as we arrived in Ghana.

We were met by Pastor Steve Dadzie  who took us for meal then on to the Hotel which was to become our home for the next 11 days. Next day we went to the celebration of his birthday at the church. It was quite amazing to see and hear of the respect and love that the people of the church had for their leader. To give you a background of the man, he never had the chance to go to school, when he heard about Jesus he embraced the salvation that comes to the one who accept the Lord into his heart. The Lord miraculously taught him to read. He joined a large church, after the Pastor saw that young Steve had a passion to serve God, he told him to leave the church and start his own work. Pastor Steve started the church under a tree faithfully preaching God’s Word now he has a congregation of over 100 souls and is going to start another church in a neighbouring town. Whilst going to the church we saw another young man preaching under a tree that had approx 12 people listening to him, I am sure the Lord will bless him as well, which should be an example to us all that it is the message that is important and not the building.

The meeting was full of love and joy and I am feeling very blessed to be here serving under this Pastor. I was given the privilege to dedicate the new pulpit for the church. This design was given to Pastor Steve from the Lord and was made from Acacia wood imported from the UK. Pastor Peter Bacha from Togo brought the message and I found it very enlightening. The meeting started at 8-30 and finished at 3-30pm after the service we had lunch then went back to the Hotel.

Day 2
Rest day and preparation for the forthcoming crusade/ conference

Day 3
First night of the conference

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