Mission to the Amazon Brazil 2017

DWMMI - A Ministry of Wholeness & Healing to the Body of Christ

Day 1
We arrived on the Friday in the early hours of the morning after being on the road for 29 hours we had a good night’s sleep in the hotel. In the evening, we went to Pastor John Nunes church, David spoke, 3 accepted Jesus as Lord and many received prayer for deliverance.

Day 2
On Saturday David went to the same church where he spoke to the youth group approx 350 people there. Julie preached & ministered in The Church of Life, people were saved and healed and Helen was with her.

Day 3
Sunday morning meeting was in Pastor John Nunes church, where many people testified to have received a miracle. A Lady who had cancer for 20 years which had now progressed to her head testified that she now knew she was healed. In the evening, David went to the church of Pastor Placido where 80 accepted Jesus as their Lord, many received a miracle of healing. Julie preached at Mount Zion Church of approx 150 people were there and many were prayed for. Helen ministered in the large church of Pastor Raimundo Alves many were prayed for and some testified to their miracle.

There was a girl with spine and leg problems and in pain and after prayer she was healed and free from pain and had the joy of movement.

Also, a man with many demons of witchcraft who was wonderfully set free.

Day 4
On Monday evening David ministered at the church of Pastor Altemar where 15 accepted Jesus as their Lord and many received prayer for healing.

Day 5
Tuesday Night Andrew and David spoke at the Church of Pastor Carlos and Helen and Julie went to Pastor Jackson’s Church.

Andrew testified and 15 accepted Jesus as Lord there were many miracles. A Lady testified that last year she was prayed for as she had a tumour on the side of her head, 2 days later she went for surgery at hospital, the doctors said, ‘your Jesus has healed you, you no longer have cancer’.

In the meeting with Helen ministered in Pastor Thiago’s church 4 accepted Jesus and many testified to recieving a miracle that night, including a man with a bent torso

and a lady with MS testified that the pain had gone.

Day 6
In the afternoon the overseeing Pastor came and told us that on the first night a young boy was prayed for who only had 1 kidney working and that was only 40%. The father was very busy trying to raise money selling anything to try to get the money for an operation in the hospital. The boy went next day to the hospital for a check-up and was told ‘the kidney that was dead was now alive and was perfect’.

In the evening, Andrew testified and David preached, many received miracles and testified to the same.

In the other church of Pastor Aluizio, Julie preached there were 5 accepted Jesus and many were healed.

Day 7
David ministered in Pastor Montefussco’s Church where 15 accepted Jesus and there were many miracles and much deliverance. A Homosexual man was set free.

Day 8
David & Helen spoke at a small church of approx. 28 people called Rua Brazil where 6 gave testimony to their healings.

Julie and Andrew went to Pastor Emidio’s Church there were approx. 80 people at the church, there were 10 salvations and 4 gave testimony of their healings.

There was a lady who was suicidal who was set free.

Also, another lady who suffered from migraines who was also healed.

Day 9
This Saturday night we all went to the church of Pastor John Bosco, approx 250 people were there, David preached and approx.

45 accepted Jesus as Lord for the first time and many received a miracle. There was a man who had been suffering with headaches continually for 35 years and no one could explain why. This night he was healed and had no pain.

Also, the Lady who received prayer last year who had been sent home to die from the hospital, they said she had the worst cancer they had seen and could do nothing.

She came to testify that through the prayer last year she was now perfectly free from cancer.

Day 10
It was Sunday and we all went to Pastor Rubens Church, approx. 200 people were there. David preached and approx. 50 people accepted Jesus and there were some wonderful healings. With them all giving testimony to the same.

In the evening; Helen & Julie went back to Pastor Rubens church, this was a larger meeting than in the morning with approx. 350 people there. Many were prayed for and a quite a few testified to their miracle, including a man who was lame but now he was healed in Jesus name. He also had a head problem and that was healed as well.

There was also a lady who could now read without glasses whose eyesight had been restored after prayer.

And a man who could hardly walk was healed as well.

David & Andrew went back to the church of John Bosco where they all were on Saturday. There were approx. 300 there 3 testified to their healing and 50 accepted Jesus as Lord.

Day 11
We left the hotel and went to the airport to fly to Tabatinga on the border of Peru and Columbia. We visited Columbia for approx 1 hour and had a coffee in the local café before returning to our hotel to get ready for the evening service.

It was a very lively meeting and all the small churches got together for the miracle meeting, I think the churches in our town could learn a lot from these humble people.

Over 80 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and a very many received miracles and testified of their own miracle.

Day 12
We caught a fast boat at 8.00am for a trip to the next city called Sao Paulo not to be confused with the big city of Sao Paulo. We arrived after a 6-hour trip and was met with a cavalcade of motor bikes, it was a real Presidential welcome as they were pipping their hooters and many other processional outriders.

After we were taken to a very humble hotel we prepared for the meeting later. The meeting was very lively and approx. 80 accepted Jesus as Lord for the first time.

There were numerous miracles, the first one was a man with crutches who had been in a motorcycle accident, David threw away his crutch and prayed and he was healed, Julie walked around the room with him.

Day 13
Today was in the same church, David challenged them to bring everyone who was sick and everyone who needed their sins forgiven the night before.

Day 14
At the same church, the people brought their friends who needed a miracle approx. 25 in all and just has the Word of God says all were healed. Andrew testified to his salvation from being a catholic and Helen and Julie sang to the people. Julie invited the people who had been brought by their friends to come forward. The whole team prayed and great miracles took place.

One man who had a stick could not walk was totally healed, another man who was paralyzed by a stroke and had a large cancer on his stomach also was healed and walked around the room unaided.

A young boy who had asthma was healed and 4 accepted Jesus as Lord. There was a young man who could not clench his fist after prayer he was healed, next day he brought 9 of his unsaved friends to the church prayer meeting as they knew that he had received a miracle.

This hopefully should be a consideration for the Christianity in the UK as 1 miracle will bring in the lost into the church. This is the key to why Brazil has come from mainly all Catholic to now over 60% Born Again and why cults like Mormons and JWs are very small. Without miracles, the people see no point of the church. All other religions and cults teach on morality and help the poor, but only the true church has the gifts of miracles.

Day 15
We travelled by fast boat for 2 hours to Amatura another small town on the Amazon river. This was our first free night so we had a rest.

Day 16
We went to the Radio station to tell the town about miracles and invited the whole town of 5000 people to the meeting. We asked them to bring every blind, mute, crippled and people with every sickness to the meeting at night.

At the meeting, there were only approx. 300 people however this was a great service.  Over 100 people accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time. There were also many miracles including a boy who was deaf.

Also, a man who could not move his knees was healed.

A lady who could not stand, was brought to the meeting.

Along with her husband who could not move or clench his hand.

Also, a young man who had no job, was challenged to give a good offering to the Lord’s work, he put all that he had to live on into the offering basket. Next day he was offered 3 different jobs.

Day 17
We travelled again by fast boat to San Antonio. We were taken by car to a jungle hotel. Later as we had a night off from ministry we were invited to the 5th Festival of God’s people, where there was food and drink (absolutely no alcoholic drink).

There was some wonderful dancing from the boys and girls of the church that I was going to minister in on Sunday and Monday. All the children down the Amazon are so friendly and walk around at night on their own with no problems.

Day 18
It was a hot night yet 600 people were in the church, 500 plus accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time, there were also many miracles. A lady with gall stones and in terrible pain as well as lumps on her breast was healed.

2 blind people were healed.

Julie prayed for a lady with kidney stones and lumps on the breast left the hospital and said she was going to the healing meeting instead of having surgery was totally healed after prayer.

A man who could not walk because of his ankles walked around the whole church.

Also, another man who had to be helped into the church 2 other people as he could not see and was dizzy also bad legs was healed and walked around the room with Julie, then walked to give a testimony on his own.

Day 19
Every day we hear of miracles that are still taking place 2 & 3 days after we have visited that town. We have just heard that a lady who came for prayer and was anointed was holding her baby when it died. She decided to trust Jesus and to pray for the child and the baby rose from the dead. Many others in the towns are giving their lives to Jesus when they hear of the miracles. Also, we have been told that we are the first white people to minister on this part of the Amazon.

At the church, there were approx 400 people, it took on a different phase as we had a mass deliverance of the whole church, many demons were being expelled by all the people.

Then Julie brought a message on Blind Bartimaeus and 24 accepted Jesus for the first time.

There were many miracles with 22 giving their testimony. Among those were a lady who had not walked at all for 3 years.

There was a man who had suffered from cancer for 20 years who knew something g had left his body.

Also, there were 3 ladies with tumours on the breast that had vanished after prayer.

There was a lady who was in pain with gall stones, all the pain left after prayer.

A man with heart problems who had been to the hospital but they could do nothing for him He felt totally different after prayer.

Also, a man with suspected cancer felt all the pain go after prayer.

Day 20
We travelled the city on Tonatins again on the banks of the river, we arrived 1 hour before the meeting was to take place. On the boat, there was a lady who was being taken to Manaus this would have been a journey of approx 30 hours, she had had a stroke and she was lying on the blanket at the rear of the boat seemingly unconscious.

Julie asked her husband if she needed a Pastor, we prayed for her and she came around looking well, Julie continued with her, eventually she could move her hands and speak. Her husband was so grateful. Apparently, she was a Christian, so we believe this was an appointment made in Heaven.

Our meeting was in a new church of only 5 years old and there was approx. 90 people there. Over 40 accepted Jesus for the first time and there were many miracles that took place.

A man who had problems in his stomach for many years was healed.

A young man who could not move his arm at all was also healed.

A man with a crutch who had not walked for 17 years, after an accident that the doctors in Manaus said there was no hope for him, walked unaided and walked back hope on very rough terrain and over rubble still unaided. We found out later that he went fishing the following day.

Day 21
Was our last night of preaching down the river before returning to Manaus, it was in the same town but a different church. It was very hot and humid with no air conditioning and hardly any fans, however we managed and 12 people accepted Jesus as Lord for the first time and 14 received prayer for healing and all were healed.

There was a lady with asthma and a lump on her side who received a miracle.

Helen prayed for a lady with a very hard stomach and in much pain, was healed.

Julie prayed for a lady who had been bleeding from the womb for 7 years since the birth of her child was healed and all the bleeding stopped.

Helen prayed for a lady with a tumour in her cervix and was healed the lump vanished.

Day 22
We said our goodbyes and travelled by fast boat to Manaus for a 23-hour boat ride.

Day 23

Day 24
Back in Manaus.

Day 25
We went to the main church of Pastor John Nunes, Helen, Andrew & Julie all gave a short testimony of the month’s activities. Then David spoke to the whole church on deliverance from soul ties following by a very powerful deliverance session.

Day 26
We all went to speak in Pastor Ronildo’s church in the morning. It was Mother’s Day and Julie spoke. There were many miracles and 9 accepted Jesus for the first time.

A Pastor who had lost most of his sight was healed.

Also, a lady who was almost blind also received her sight.

And an old lady who could not walk was also healed.

In the evening, Helen & Julie went to the church of Pastor John Bosco and David & Andrew went to Pastor Joel Church.

David preached and 11 gave their lives to Jesus and approx. 10 gave testimony to their miracles, including 1 lady who had breast cancer who was now healed after prayer.

Helen preached in the other church approx 9 gave their lives to Jesus and 4 testified to their miracles.

Day 27
We left Manaus and travelled back to Rio de Janerio.

Day 28
After a morning relaxing we travelled to Petropolis to the church of Pastor Vladimer.

There were 19 people who accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time and 18 received a miracle and testified.

A lady doctor was healed of a problem on her side which she had suffered with.

A man who had leg ulcers was relieved from all pain.

A lady who could not move her neck was healed.

Also, a lady with bone problems all over her body was also healed.

These are just a few of the wonderful things the Lord used us to do in His name.

After this we travelled back to Rio for one night.

Day 29
Were visited the Sugar Loaf Mountain before boarding our plane to the UK.

On behalf of Andrew, Julie, Helen and myself, we wish to thank all for their prayers and support which helped to make this mission so successful.

Every Blessing to you all

Pastor David W Measures

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