Mission to USA 2009

DWMMI - A Ministry of Wholeness & Healing to the Body of Christ

May 2009

I arrived at Atlanta and was straightway taken to the FGB meeting where there was much deliverance and healings. Then next day to a men’s breakfast and in the evening I spoke at a FGB dinner in the same area.

Next day I travelled to Chattanooga but the meeting was postponed but I did an interview on a 1 hour live radio programme. The next day we travelled to the state of South Carolina where I was scheduled to speak at a 5 day tent revival meeting. The town had many big churches but there did not seem any freedom in the spirit for the first few days just a few people being healed. The last night there was a real breakthrough and everyone was healed who came for prayer also much deliverance took place.

Next day we travelled to Nashville in the state of Tennessee which was a 9 hour drive away. The following day I spoke at a Baptist church in Clarksville where I was asked not to speak on deliverance as they did not believe Christians could have demons so I was told. So I spoke on miracles and everyone in the church was healed of all types of problems. But man cannot stop what God wanted to do; I had almost finished ministering when a powerful demon raised its ugly head through a lady, she had an ancestry of Shamans. After that many people in the church also some of the leadership was delivered from demons and the church was rejoicing. The Pastor said this church needed this and that they could never pay me for the tremendous work that had been done in the church that night.

Next day I did an interview for the local TV station; there I met a minister of the Southern Baptist Church who had been at the meeting the night before. He said if anyone every spoke to him about a faith healer he would never have given 15cents for one, then he started to cry because of what he saw and what he felt himself as he had had 2 operations on his spine and was in constant pain before Jesus healed him.
My next meeting was in Chattanooga, the meeting was held in a Hotel restaurant. Everyone who was prayed for were healed including a man who had been crushed by a machine and was left with a spine problem also he had a growth in the private area of his body that vanished after prayer. Four people made a commitment for Jesus to be Lord in their lives. PTL.

My next meeting was in a small Mexican church held in a home; I decided to bring some teaching to these new converts on the parables, 1 accepted Jesus as Lord whilst others were healed.

My last meeting was on the Sunday afternoon in a conference centre where 2 churches came together to host the meeting. Many received healings for their bodies also 5 accepted Jesus as their Lord. I believe that the Lord has done much valuable work in people’s lives on this trip. I wish to thank all who pray and support me in mission work. I am looking forward to being home amongst all my friends.

May the Lord bless you all.


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