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Omega Man Radio 2

Conditions to receive a Promise

Unmasking your Limitations

Rising above your Limitations

Fulfilling your Destiny


Protection in Egypt

Breaking Witchcraft Control

Ice Man: The True Testimony of Dr Jim Epley

Setting the Prisoners Free

This Generation

The Five types of People

We are who we are connected to

Living the Life

Transfiguration or Transformation

Pastor David W. Measures

Pastor David Measures is an international speaker and is presently the leader of The YTF Church (Yesterday Today and Forever) in Leicestershire, England. The Lord has used him in healing and deliverance and he has witnessed many people being wonderfully set free.



Pictures of people who have been healed.
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Words from people who have been touched.
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My Testimony

My Testimony

Read Pastor David Measures Testimony.
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