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The Government of God

Freedom from Accusation

The Winter is Past

Freedom from Sexual Confusion

Principalities & Powers

Spring Cleaning

Miracles in South of England

A New Identity

To know your calling

The Alarming Influence of a little baby

The Unprecedented Rise in Depravity

The right place, the right time, the right purpose

The Double Curse

Taking off the Fig Leaves

Read the Instructions

From a Servant to a Friend

Miriam: False Prophetess – David Measures

Pastor David W. Measures

Pastor David Measures is an international speaker and is presently the leader of The YTF Church (Yesterday Today and Forever) in Leicestershire, England. The Lord has used him in healing and deliverance and he has witnessed many people being wonderfully set free.



Pictures of people who have been healed.
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Words from people who have been touched.
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My Testimony

My Testimony

Read Pastor David Measures Testimony.
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