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Testimony of Kelvin McCracken

A Great Insight into Freemasonry & The Orange & Black Order

Freemasonry and similar orders – harmless social club, moral enlightenment or unwitting idolatry?
Much has been written on this subject, published in books and on the internet. Many freemasons who have a Christian background are convinced that ‘there is nothing within Freemasonry harmful to their beliefs’. Most mainline Christian denominations, however, have either expressed reservations about the beliefs and rituals of Freemasonry or have condemned them outright. There is considerable unease within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland ( of which the author is a member) regarding Freemasonry and in 1992, the resolution “that the General Assembly, in the light of the Doctrine Committee’s report on the beliefs and practices of Irish Freemasonry, disapprove of communicant members of the Church being involved in Freemasonry” was passed by a substantial majority. However, this has largely been swept ‘under the table’ over the past 25 years and there would appear to be little understanding of, or teaching on, Freemasonry within the body of the church.

My story!!
Let me share my own experience of Freemasonry. I joined Freemasonry almost 50 years ago, shortly after taking up employment. Two senior colleagues, both Churchgoers and men of high integrity, suggested that I consider joining. The ‘carrots’ were: the suggestion that I was a man of integrity and interested in charitable deeds and would enjoy the company of like-minded men; if anything happened to me, my wife (and family) would be looked after; the implication that it may be helpful to my career. At that time I was already a Christian (from age 16) and heavily involved in my local church (Sunday school teacher, Youth Group leader, Choir member etc). During my initiation I felt ‘at home’ with the references to God, prayer, reading the Bible etc though some parts of the ritual did seem a bit peculiar. By the time I had reached the third (Master Mason) degree I believe, with hindsight, that there was a little ‘warning bell’ ringing somewhere at the back of my head but I ignored it and became more involved, reaching the position of Worshipful Master by 1979. That was also the year that I felt God challenging me about having put other things such as ambition etc ahead of my commitment to Him. I sat down one evening, confessed that I had been keeping some ‘doors shut’ and asked God to take over every aspect of my life. Over the next three years I was growing in my walk with Jesus, elected to the Eldership and appointed Sunday School superintendent, but also at my most active in Freemasonry, even being the main player in giving an exemplification of the first (Entered Apprentice) degree before the Grand Lodge in Dublin.

Journey to freedom!
Gradually I began to see flaws in the Masonic ritual and teaching. The first was a part of the wording1 in the second degree which I began to recognise as ‘salvation by works’. Next, I started to be uncomfortable with the teaching during initiation that ‘to maintain the unity of the Lodge– we do not discuss religion or politics’ as these are two subjects on which men can never agree. The outcome of this was that I was placing myself in a situation where I could not share my faith. Ultimately, this led to my resignation from the Order in 1987. In 1992, my wife and I were on holiday when we met a couple from England. David had been drawn into ‘deliverance ministry’ particularly associated with Freemasonry. Recognising my Northern Irish accent he enquired about the rituals of the Orange Order and Royal Black Preceptory ( of which more later). I assured him that I knew nothing about them but ‘a bit about Freemasonry’. I was somewhat shocked by his response to my comment, ‘I was in it but came out of it’ ; ‘You came out of it, did it come out of you?’ He explained that I ‘had taken serious oaths, completed with barbaric penal clauses, while kneeling at a false altar to a false god’ and that the spiritual consequences were on myself and my family. Immediately I recognised the truth of what he was saying and agreed to meet with him and his wife for a time of prayer during which I would repent of my unwitting idolatry and the false oaths by which I had become ‘bound to Freemasonry’.

During the prayer time I was unaware of any physical reaction but, as I repented of the oaths and rituals, it became obvious that my wife had been affected physically, emotionally and spiritually, through the ‘one flesh relationship’ 2 (Matthew 19: 5-6 ). Much later I realised that a serious problem with my left ankle had been healed. Subsequently the Lord opened our eyes to new treasures in the Scriptures. I began to realise that the ‘spiritual blindfold’ on my understanding, associated with the physical blindfold worn during the taking of the initiation oath, had been removed and the Lord began to show me the many ‘deceits’ within the rituals including misuse of scripture, the fact that the god of Freemasonry is not Jehovah etc.

What is the nature and apparent purpose of FM?
During initiation in the first degree, Freemasonry is described as ‘a peculiar system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols’. It emphasises the moral virtues, encourages members to read the scriptures and encourages charity. However, until the last 40 years or so the major focus of its charity was inward-looking, relating to the care of widows and orphans of deceased Freemasons. In the 1980’s this was recognised as being bad for the image and a new dimension came about in Ireland ie. fund-raising for charitable organisations such as Alzheimer’s Disease Society.

FM claims not to be a secret society but a ‘society possessing secrets’ and any Mason will confidently affirm that FM is not a religion, because he has been told that from the very beginning. Entry is based on a suggestion that someone might like to consider joining the Order, coupled with mention of the charitable aspects and the ‘benefits’ arising from the provision for widows and orphans. The only other information available to a potential candidate is that he must express a belief in God and that there will be an initiation procedure. There are two main rites within Freemasonry, the Scottish rite with 33 degrees and the York rite with 13 degrees. The upper degrees in the latter are the so-called Christian degrees where the oath is taken in the name of Christ !! In both the focus is on ‘enlightening the candidate’ and instilling moral lessons. Each degree involves an oath of secrecy (though presented as ‘a voluntary obligation’, which is concluded with a barbaric penal clause (in effect a spiritual curse, of which more later).

What happens during initiation ?
For initiation to the Entered Apprentice, the first degree in FM, the candidate is divested of certain articles of clothing, a halter is placed round the neck ‘in token of submission to the ordeal of initiation’ and a blindfold or ‘hoodwink’ is placed over the eyes. He is presented as ‘one in darkness who wishes to approach the light and to receive some of the rights and privileges of freemasonry’. The candidate is received in the Lodge room with a ‘dagger pointed at the naked and defenceless breast’ as a symbol of the ‘torment to the conscience should (he) be tempted to betray the trust about to be reposed in him’ and three questions are put (see later). He is eventually led to kneel before an Altar and is asked to take a ‘voluntary obligation’ to preserve the secrets which will subsequently be revealed. He is advised that this ‘contains nothing contrary to his religious beliefs or political opinions, nothing at variance with the allegiance owed to the Sovereign or Rulers of the State and nothing hurtful to his feelings as a man of honour’. He then is fed a detailed legalistic statement (the so-called Voluntary Obligation, which he has never seen) by the Worshipful Master, which he repeats a few words at a time. The oath is completed with a terrible penal clause – by which he is bound, under the so-called ‘Ancient penalty’ of ‘having the throat cut across and the tongue torn out at the root’, (which is, in effect, a spiritual curse) and the ‘Real penalty’ of being ‘deservedly branded as a wretch, base, faithless and unworthy to be received among men of honour should (he) violate’ his obligation. He is then asked to ‘ratify the voluntary obligation by kissing the Volume of Sacred Law, raised right hand or in any way equally binding upon his conscience’. Clearly this is an oath !! 3 ( Matthew 5 : 33-37). Following completion of the oath the ‘blindfold’ is removed, as the Worshipful Master quotes the scripture (Genesis 1: 3) “and God said, let there be light and there was light”. The candidate is then given a lecture explaining the symbolism of the ritual and the so-called ‘secrets’ of the degree which he has agreed to keep secret on pain of death. Part of the lecture focuses on ‘the undying hostility which will pursue him should he ever betray the trust reposed in him’. Eventually he is invested with a Masonic apron as a symbol of his entry into the ‘brotherhood of Freemasonry’.

The Christian response!
For the Christian there are many aspects of these rituals which raise serious questions as to their compatibility with Christian teaching. Upon close examination it is clear that there are several serious deceptions including the oath, which are not immediately apparent to the candidate during the initiation procedure. First, let us consider some Biblical principles.

God’s holiness and justice are manifest throughout the Bible, particularly in the life and ministry of Jesus, and his desire is for us to ‘be holy as he is holy’. To this end he has given us the Commandments as a guide to holy living and for our protection. When we break the commandments we give Satan authority (a foothold) until we repent. The first three Commandments are particularly for protection of our relationship with God. (Revised Standard , Exodus 20)

  1. You shall have no other Gods before me.
  2. You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness — you shall not bow down to them or serve them for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation ——-
  3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

Much of the Old Testament illustrates the problems which arose when God’s chosen people (Israel) fell into patterns of idolatry, either deliberately or unwittingly, and broke these Commandments.

Satan the deceiver!
The nature of Satan is first revealed in Genesis in the serpent deceiving Eve (Gen. 3:4-5). In Matthew 4:9 we see how he sought to tempt Jesus and to get Jesus to bow down and worship him and how he misused scripture. Jesus described him as a liar and murderer (John 8 :44) and the thief who comes to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10) and in 2 Corinthians 11:14, we are reminded that ‘he masquerades as an Angel of Light’. Satan still wants to be worshipped and he does not care how he gets it. We see all these aspects of his modus operandi, especially the web of deceit, within the rituals and teachings of Freemasonry.

Satan is no fool. He does not tell big lies but uses subtle deceit as represented in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). However, careful examination, in the cold light of day and guided by the Holy Spirit, reveals the web of half truth which seems wholly acceptable when in the midst of an initiation, disoriented by the ‘blindfold’ etc. The examples discussed below are not a comprehensive list but serve to illustrate how rational men of integrity are trapped. Please read this next sentence carefully. They are not deliberately trapped by the other Lodge members who are simply passing on the ‘oral tradition’ which they have accepted as truth and are truly blind to the real nature of Freemasonry. In my experience, from the taking of the first oath with the physical blindfold on the eyes, the spiritual eyes become veiled, as in the words of Isaiah 6:9 ‘Be ever hearing but never understanding; be ever seeing but never perceiving’. I am still appalled that I sat, as a Christian, and led others in those oaths without ever once recognising that what I was doing was an abomination in God’s sight. I long for other brothers-in-Christ who have not yet had the ‘spiritual blindfold’ removed to come to new understanding.

The web of deceit!
By and large men are very careful about what they commit to and like to know what it will cost and what they will get for their money / effort!! The greatest deceit of Freemasonry is to get them to buy into something about which they have no knowledge or understanding and no idea of the true cost! I wonder how many Christian men would have joined the Lodge if they had known in advance that :

  1. During initiation into the first degree they would be required to say ‘Yes’ to the question “Are you solely influenced by a preconceived idea of the excellence of our Order”? about which they knew nothing.
  2. They would be described as ‘One in darkness, wishing to approach the light’ when Jesus Christ describes himself as ‘the Light of the World’.
  3. The ‘Supreme Being’ referred to is not Jehovah but any God and would variously be described in different degrees as the ‘Great Architect of the Universe’, ‘Great Geometrician of the Universe’ and in higher degrees, of which they were at that time unaware, as ‘Jahbulon’, ‘Ahura Mazda’ (Prince of Persia) etc.. 4. They would be asked to bow, wearing a ‘blindfold’ at an altar, upon which would be ‘graven images’ (as described in King James version, Exodus 20 v 4) in the form of the square and compasses and that these, along with the ‘volume of Sacred Law’, would later be described as the ‘three great lights of Freemasonry’ thus dishonouring the sacred Word of God by putting it on par with two man made symbols. 5. They would be asked to take a vow of secrecy 4, the so-called ‘voluntary obligation,’ that they had never been shown, would be fed a few words at a time and which would prevent them from sharing the ‘secrets’ with any non-Mason, even their wife. 6. The vow of secrecy would be completed with an ‘ancient penalty’ which is, in effect, a spiritual curse, on the candidate and his family, and that they would be asked to ratify it as a binding oath. Every ‘ancient penalty’ includes a curse of death (mostly barbaric) and attacks specific regions of the mind and body. For example, one of the most heinous is in the Knights Templar degree in York rite (which claims to be Christian) and is along the lines of “Having the head struck off and mounted on a pinnacle or spire, the skull sawn asunder and the brains exposed to the scorching rays of the sun”.
  4. That, if they continued to further levels of Freemasonry (FM), they would ultimately take part in rituals blaspheming every major Christian doctrine, including the Atonement, the Resurrection, Communion and challenging the Lordship of Jesus as the Light of the World. For example, in the 32nd degree, Ahura Mazda (the son of the Persian God, Zorvan, hence the Prince of Persia) is described as ‘the true source of light’ and the Hindu Trinity is acknowledged.

Not a religion?
Further deceptions include the claim, emphasised during the first degree, that FM is not a religion.

Freemasonry requires belief in a ‘Supreme Being’, accepts that there is an afterlife, uses scripture, prayer, ‘hymns’ and frequently describes the buildings as Masonic Temples. In the centre, facing East, there is an Altar on which is placed the ‘Volume of Sacred Law’, incorporating the square and compasses. Oaths are taken in the ‘presence of the Most High God’, there is a theme of ‘Salvation by works’ and, in later degrees, parodies of Baptism, Atonement, Resurrection, Ascension, Priesthood and Communion. The statement “ if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck” comes to mind!! Furthermore the writings of many senior masonic ‘experts’ clearly identify it as a religion and, indeed, one which is opposed to Christianity. eg. Albert Pike (1871) – Morals and Dogma: ‘Every Masonic lodge is a temple of religion and its teachings are instruction in religion — this is the true religion revealed to the ancient patriarchs— (www. freemasons-freemasonry.com)

J D Buck (1897) – Symbolism or Mystic Masonry: ‘Salvation by faith and the vicarious atonement as now interpreted, were not taught by Jesus — they are later and ignorant perversions of the original doctrines.’

Insidious extension of Freemasonry rituals into the Orange Order.
It would appear that the rituals used in the beginnings of the Orange Order (1795) were linked directly to the first 3 degrees of FM. I have a booklet entitled ‘The Royal Arch Purple and Black – an Orange perspective’ which indicates that the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was established in 1798 and ‘promptly began a process of purging out all the vulgar ritualistic baggage …. All the degrees which today belong to the Royal Arch Purple (RAP) and Royal Black Institution (RBI) were immediately deemed illegal’. Extracts from Minutes of Grand Lodge and other documents show that this remained the position of Grand Lodge of Ireland up to the beginning of the 20th century. During the 20th century the Grand Lodge of England seems to have accepted the RAP degree as a ‘third’ degree and although that is not the official position of the Grand Lodge of Ireland it would seem that it became the norm for Orangemen to be asked to join the RAP and that over 95% of Orangemen have done so over the past 80 years. Thus, almost all Orangemen have unwittingly taken a variant of the first three degrees of FM including the 3 oaths and penal clauses with some other unsavoury aspects added in, as outlined by Paul Malcomson in his book ‘Behind Closed Doors’. I can confirm that key elements of the rituals described in his book are the same as those taken by me and given to initiates in FM. There is a good comparison of the RAP degree and the first three FM degrees on the website www.evangelicaltruth.com.

Furthermore, it is a prerequisite for entry to the RBI to be a member in good standing of the RAP so that every member of the RBI has already submitted to the 3 primary FM oaths. Leviticus ( Ch 4 & 5) focus on ‘unwitting or unintentional sin’ which is precisely what happens to those drawn into these Orders5. Leviticus Ch 5 : 4 (New Living) says “ Or suppose you make a foolish vow of any kind, whether its purpose is for good or bad; when you realise its foolishness you must admit your guilt”.

It is very clear from Paul Malcomson’s book on the RBI ‘Inside the Royal Black Institution’ (2009) that there is an attempt to portray the RBI rituals as based solely on scripture ( albeit Old Testament) but that it is a mixture of scripture, often used inappropriately, coupled with myth taken mainly from FM. I can affirm that the wording described on p 128-9 is common to the legend of Hiram Abiff in the Master Mason degree of FM (which is clearly the source of this heresy). As Paul Malcomson quite rightly points out, although that specific wording was eventually removed following representations to the Grand Officers of RBI, there is no evidence that the oaths have been removed from the Royal Arch Purple degrees. Incidentally, a similar sleight of hand appears to have been used by the Grand Lodge of Freemasons in England after concern was expressed by the Church of England ( General Synod, October 1987) about the barbaric penal clauses. It would appear ( verbal report from an English mason) that the actual wording was removed and the candidate now simply says ‘binding myself under the ancient penalty’ as opposed to, for example, in the first degree ‘binding myself under the ancient penalty of having the throat cut across and the tongue torn out and buried in the deep sands of the sea…’. However the salute which signifies the cutting of the throat remains and the ‘ancient penalty’ is still spiritually in effect although the candidate is no longer aware of its true nature.

I am reliably informed by those who have left the RBI that the blindfold is applied in every degree up to the tenth. Having experienced the spiritual blindness which applies after taking the first oath in FM with a physical blindfold in place it is a matter for concern that this is the case. I have been astounded at the lack of memory/understanding evidenced by those who have gone through all the RBI degrees – there would appear to have been something akin to ‘brain-washing’. There are so many aspects of the rituals mentioned by Paul Malcomson eg drinking a libation from a skull in the first degree while blindfolded; being informed by the Lecturer that he will be treated like Judas Iscariot if he ever betrays any of the secrets of the Order; being described as ‘one in the Order of Melchizadek’ etc which have no place in an Order which claims to uphold the Name of Christ but the ultimate deception is, I suggest embedded in the two highest degrees of the York rite in Freemasonry ( Knights of Malta and Knights Templar).

The introduction to the Knights of Malta begins with words like “ The Order of Malta in the York Rite system serves as the preparatory degree for the fusion of two great institutions – Ancient Craft Masonry and Christianity”. This is surely the most brazen deceit of all within freemasonry ritual !! Paul Malcomson focuses on the elements of Knights Templar within the Scottish rite but these two ‘Christian degrees,’ at the very pinnacle of the York rite are the route taken, it would seem, by many Clergy who have been drawn into freemasonry. One retired Presbyterian Minister, heavily involved by his own admission in FM, Orange and Black asserted “that the Knights Templar degree had been a great challenge and source of encouragement to him in his Christian walk but that, if he could see one thing wrong with it or anything that was hindering his walk with the Lord, he would be out of it immediately”. It would seem that parts of various degrees in the RBI are closely associated with these two degrees in the York rite FM. Certainly the Black Oath which is required to be taken before becoming a member of the RBI contains elements which bear strong similarity to FM oaths. Although the same deceitful phrase is used as in Masonry to introduce these oaths ( namely ‘voluntary obligation’) it is perhaps more clear in the RBI that this is an ‘oath’ because of the requirement to take the Bible in the right hand. Jesus words (Matthew 5 : 33-37) should be a warning to any Christian : “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’, ‘No’; anything beyond that comes from the evil one”.

One could raise many other issues, especially the use of human bones in rituals (as in the Masonic Knights Templar) but I recommend anyone who wishes to make a more detailed examination to read the books by Paul Malcomson and/or to use the vast amount of ritual detail and analysis provided on the www.evangelicaltruth.com website.

Freedom in Christ !
Over the past 25 years the Lord has used my wife and I to lead many from the confusion and darkness of Freemasonry into new light and freedom in Jesus. In 1997, I received new revelations as to the demonic hierarchy at work behind Freemasonry, leading men of integrity unwittingly into idolatry and we continue to see people released into spiritual freedom and physical and emotional healing as they renounce involvement either in their own or past generations. I now believe passionately that FM is unwitting idolatry and an insidious cancer within the body of the Church. God’s attitude to idolatry is no different today than when Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. Leviticus 5 : 4 speaks very directly to the unwitting oath-taking 3 at the core of Freemasonry rituals. Jesus says in Matthew 5: 37, “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’, ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one” and Paul says (1 Corinthians 10 :21) “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too”.

I pray for the day when every Christian will take a stand against this unwitting idolatry and every gathering of God’s people will be free from the immediate and generational influences of these oath-taking organisations. As Paul said to the Galatians “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5 :1).


  1. “Thus with sound conduct, level steps and upright actions we may safely hope to ascend to reach those mansions (in the sky) where the Great God of the Universe rules and reigns forever”.
  2. Matthew 19 : 5-6 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one.” See also 1 Corinthians 6 :16.
  3. Matthew 5 : 33-37 Jesus words in v37 “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’, ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one”.
  4. In each degree there is a long, legalistic obligation completed with the so-called ‘ancient penalty’ which is in effect a spiritual curse. Part of the obligation in the first (entered apprentice) degree is given below. “I, —–, of my own freewill and accord, in the presence of the Most High God, the Great Architect of the Universe, and of this worthy, worshipful and warranted Lodge of Ancient, free and accepted masons —- solemnly and sincerely promise, vow and declare that I will ever hale, conceal and never will reveal unlawfully aught of the hidden points, secrets or mysteries of our belonging to Ancient Craft Masonry —– I will not

communicate, divulge or discover those secrets to anyone in the whole world save to him or to them to whom the same shall surely, justly and of right belong —– I will not write, print or in any way delineate those secrets on anything moveable or immoveable, beneath the whole canopy of heaven whereby any letter, symbol or the least trace thereof may become unlawfully known, legible or intelligible to myself or anyone else——– All these points I solemnly promise —– bearing in mind the ancient penalty of having the throat cut across and the tongue torn out and buried in the rough sands of the sea —– and the real penalty of being deservedly branded as a wretch, base, faithless and unworthy to be received among men of honour should I, at any time, knowingly or wilfully violate, in letter or in spirit, aught of this my most solemn, sincere and voluntary obligation as an Entered Apprentice FM.”

  1. Leviticus 5 : 4 -5 “Or if a person thoughtlessly takes an oath to do anything, whether good or evil – in any matter one might carelessly swear about – even though he is unaware of it, when he learns of it he will be guilty. When anyone is guilty in any of these ways, he must confess in what way he has sinned and, as a penalty for the sin he has committed, he must bring to the Lord —— a sin offering”.

Kelvin McCracken

Kelvin McCracken

Testimony of Pearl

My name is Pearl E Wheatley and this is my Testimony.

I remember in March 2018 I was suffering with bad chest pains on my left side of my body, near my heart.

I went to the Doctors with my husband. Whilst I was in the Doctors surgery my husband mentioned to the doctor that I had a lump under my chin. I had dismissed it, but the doctor was insisting that I should go to the hospital to have it checked out. I went to hospital and had tests, I was told I had lymphoma. I was devastated but I clung to the Word of God. I knew Pastor David Measures is a strong Man of God. Even demons, one time in my hearing called him A Man of God. I knew I wanted Jesus Christ to work through this Holy Vessel and pray for me.

We drove from Leeds to his church and when I got inside the church I felt the deep presence of Jesus Christ. I went to the front of the Church and asked the Pastor to pray for me. I fell to the floor and Sister Julia said she saw in the spirit an Angel come and swallow the lump. I was wearing a bandage under my chin over the tumour and another Christian Sister said to me “Your bandage looks flat” I had to return to the hospital for a further appointment a few days later. Following that the Counsultant rang me and confirmed that

“My lymphoma has gone” Praise God!!! I am healed!!!

Jesus Christ ‘The same, Yesterday today and forever.’ Amen



Testimony of Charles

My name is Charles and I have been a Christian for the last twenty five years. About six years ago my right eyesight was so bad that my eye consultant told me that the essential blood flow to the retina had stopped and that I would not be able to see any longer, consequently I became blind in the right eye.

However the Lord Jesus had other plans, when Pastor David prayed for me in the latter part of 2006 I began to see partially. Recently in early 2007 during a check-up session with my eye consultant, it was revealed to me that any further damage to my eye had stopped and the problem was getting better. He discharged me and told me in future I only needed to see the normal optician. Satan had to quit his work because of the Lord’s mighty intervention. Progressively my eyesight is getting better. Praise Be to God!


Testimony of Walter

Since my age of 12 years old I was suffering with a very weird headache. I taught it was caused by the violent way in which my father treated all of his 12 sons. He used to beat us up on our head in such a violent way that it caused all of my brothers to suffer from headaches.

Then I was saved by the grace of our good Lord Jesus, after couple of years I began to suffer so I then went to see the Doctor to see what was going on wrong with my head. They diagnosed that I had an abnormality in my brain after an X-ray. At that time I didn’t pay attention to it neither did the Doctors explain to me anything about the abnormality, which I had?

The pain kept growing day-by-day and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. The crisis was attacking me suddenly and it was really hard to stand in faith. I was surviving by taking Aspirins and all kind of pain killing medicines. In all my trips I had to have painkiller with me in order to be able to speak to the people of God. In the year 2000 here in Israel I was taken to the Hadassah Hospital with the crisis. There the doctors diagnosed a brain infection and that two growing membranes were in between the skull and the brain itself. They said that these membranes were 25 years old. So, when I was under the crisis I was loosing the strength of my right side also the vision of the left side and I wasn’t able to talk. My brain was growing shallow. Within time I began to be not able to read or speak on the mobile phone neither could I use my Laptop. The Hospital decided to send me to the best neurosurgeon Doctor to see what he could do in order to help me. Last year 2006 I was two months very ill and I thought this would be my last days of my life. In June 2006 I was in Brazil translating the Fire Sowers conference and ministering inside Brazil (Manaus, Rio, Olinda) for 75 days. A week before I came back to Israel, I was attacked by the crisis on the street in Rio. It was horrible.

In March I was in Pr David Measures home where I asked him to pray for me. When I came back home to Israel I went to see the Doctor with all the M.R.I and all the examinations that the Hospital had done. The Doctor took all the examinations and checked them out and he said to me: ‘I’ve never seen a so strong and healthier brain like yours! Have a long life, sir!! I now feel the healing of the Lord Jesus in my whole entire body for the Glory of the Lord. As it is written in the Word, ‘ I AM JEHOVAH YOUR DOCTOR!!! Halleluiah!!! Amen!



Testimony of Pam

For over twenty five years I suffered with osteoarthritis in my spine. This condition worsened over the years which left me after doing any lengthy walking in so much pain that I would have to stay in bed for long periods to recover.

I was under the pain clinic at the hospital which helped me to manage the pain as it was so severe. To help me get around I used two walking sticks a wheelchair and an electric scooter. After David had prayed for Sue he prayed for me. I felt so much better that I left my walking sticks in the Church. I thank God for the touch of the Lord upon my life! It has now enabled me to serve the Lord alongside my husband who is the Pastor of the Church much more and I give him all the praise and the glory.



Testimony of Sue

In 2000 I was involved in a car crash which left me with pain in my back and neck. The pain got so bad that I had to retire from work. In 2003 while going to the hospital another car went into the back of our car which made my injuries worse.

I have had various treatments at the hospital but nothing took away the pain and I could not sleep at night. I was told that my back would never be the same again. On Sunday 1st October David Measures came to minister at our Church. When he asked if anyone wanted prayer I was the first out of my seat. Afterwards I knew that God had performed a miracle. I could walk pain free and I did not need my stick and now I have a spring in my step. God has given me my life back. I give God all the glory and I thank him for the power in Jesus name! I have since sold my mobility scooter.

On Sunday the 12th November I was showering when I noticed that the hump that developed at the back of neck had gone. PRAISE THE LORD!


Testimony of Terry Haywood

My name is Terry; I have been suffering with high blood pressure for a number of years. My Doctor referred me to the Leicester Royal Infirmity where I had to visit every six months to see if they could do something for me.

My blood pressure was also taken several times in this six month period by my Doctor and the pressure was always high. Later I was referred to the Coalville Hospital; they tested me and my blood pressure was very high. They changed my tablets to see if that would work, they also told me to have my blood pressure taken every two weeks, still it was always high.

I told my Pastor, David Measures of my problems, he prayed for me to be healed of my high blood pressure. Two days later I had my blood pressure taken and it was found to be normal. I now have my pressures taken every six months and for the last one and a half years they have been always normal. Praise the Lord.

The Lord has also healed me of an Aortic Aneurysm; this affects the main blood vessel from the heart. The problem is had started to grow and I had to go for an examination every six months. It can be life threatening, and there was a possibility I might be in need of a major operation. I asked Pastor David to pray for me, and it has not grown anymore since that time.

Also I have been delivered from the bondage to smoking that I have had for sixty years. It is now five years since the Lord set me free. I have many things to praise God for in my life. Thank you Jesus!

Terry Haywood

Testimony of Bill Roberts

My name is Bill Roberts, for many years I suffered from a mental illness, one day I entered a police station wielding a knife and demanded that they put in the cells.

They did not know what to do because I hadn’t committed a crime but they could see I was distressed so they agreed. Whilst in the cells I tried to commit suicide, the police took me to court and they all agreed I could stay behind bars, as I could impose a threat to society. I agreed to seek medical help and was put into my girl friend’s care. She took me to the GP, then a string of psychiatrists, CPNs, socials workers, psychologists, etc, etc. I seriously self harmed, and had overpowering thoughts of hurting others even Pauline my girlfriend. The list of psychotropic medication I was taking was endless. I even spent three months in a mental hospital, having electro convulsive shock treatment. Nothing seemed to cure me completely.

Then we met a man in a pub who invited me to the YTF Church in Coalville. There Pastor David prayed for me, the next week I accepted Jesus and Pastor David broke the devil’s hold over my life in Jesus name. I knew I was healed Praise God. I am now happily married to Pauline and we are both ‘Born Again’ Christians.

Bill Roberts

Testimony of Peter HoneyMan

My name is Peter Honeyman; I was born into a Roman Catholic family. I am married and have eight children; unfortunately I had a problem with alcohol.

Fifteen years ago I went through a traumatic experience which left me with a sleep problem. I often had uncontrollable nightmares and sleep walked as I relived the trauma. The doctor gave me a strong hypnotic drug, but this did not help me to sleep. I received Jesus into my life and received prayer almost every week in my home church for my problem but it didn’t work. Then a friend of mine told me to visit the YTF Church in Coalville. Pastor David cast out a demon of fear and trauma from me in Jesus name. Amazingly and immediately I felt released and I knew that Jesus had set me free.

From that moment I stopped taking the tablets and had no side effects. Praise the Lord! My doctor has confirmed the miracle, as it is a well known fact that withdrawal from long term medication of this kind is difficult. Jesus has shown me that His word is true and powerful. I now have a desire to see others set free.

Peter HoneyMan


Testimony of SK

It was the 24 August 2007 at 5.00pm in the afternoon. It was strange the way that things happened. I was intending to live in Coventry but was unable to find a property to rent but instead God took me to Nuneaton, where I found a property in Portland Drive.

I was thankful to God for getting me this far because every where I looked for a property, it was NO, NO. I moved from Brighton on the south coast to start a new life in the Midlands. My sons and I settled in Nuneaton for six months and I started looking for a church filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and finally I found a little Church which I attended most Sundays. One Sunday Pastor David Measures and Walter Ariel Keren Or from Israel were at the Church, Walter was talking about his life as a Jew and how he had faced terrible persecution from his family since his acceptance of Jesus as Lord. I sat there and wondered how this related to me.

When he had finished, someone had a word of knowledge and said that there was a person who was also going through persecution from their family. At first I was reluctant to go forward but then I asked the Holy Spirit if it was me that he was talking about and should I go forward a be released from this pain that I was going through. Finally I put my hand up and went forward for prayer.

I told Walter and the man with the word of knowledge what had happened to me. So they prayed for me. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come over me and a burning fire cleansing me. At this moment I wanted to cry out to God thanking Him for His faithfulness. You see I have been waiting to be delivered for many years. As my background is Hindu, I was still carrying many things that were related to this religion.

I bought one of Pr. David’s books called KNOWING YOUR ENEMY not knowing what I would find in it. As I started reading the book, I eventually came to the chapter where Pr David explained about the death of his Grandmother and how traditionally Irish people used to bring their dead into the home. This made me think about when my Grandmother died and her body was brought home and we all had to put money in her coffin and touch her feet. I did this as well. This made me come to realise that I had been carrying her spirit with me.

I rang Pr David one evening and talking to him about the death of my Grandmother and asked him to deliver me. I had also being suffering from always working hard but not getting anywhere, every 18 months I would either lose my job through redundancy or through company department been moved to another area, or through Racial Discrimination. I worked for large Financial Companies earning large sums of money but never having enough. I have never been able to buy my own house; I always needed to go and look for other jobs and often moved about to different areas down the south east of England.

When I read the Book I realised that this was a pattern occurring again and again in my life and I had no peace in my life and most of all I had to drag my sons with me, who had settled down in one area and had to move again with me to other towns and restart again, which was very difficult for them and they found this most disturbing. I always felt very guilty because I had to go where there was a job for me. I was the only bread-winner in the family, so to keep a roof over my head and food on the table I had to adjust myself and come to terms with this situation.

Later I moved to Nuneaton; I had realised that my life has been ruled by my family members who had died and it seemed that I was still spiritually attached to them in a negative way. So after discussing this with Pastor David, I decided to ask him to deliver me and my sons from our past and release us from the attachment from my family and my Husband’s family, andPr David agreed.

I am grateful to Pr David and Helen his wife, for delivering me. Ever since this spirit of the dead came into me I have been itching all over the body. Since my deliverance I have stopped taken Skin-Allergies tablets and my skin has cleared and rashes behind my legs and on my arms have gone. My Sister-in-law son suffered from eczema, he had his hands bound by bandages so he would not scratch his legs and arms and his body. My Grandmother who was so evil she hated my mother and me, she would go out of her way to get me and my mother into trouble with the whole family. She treated my mother as a third class citizen and was always cursing me with all kinds of negative talk, like I will never be able to live with my husband and never find other one, she said I will be rejected by men and will never find happiness. Her cursing had stayed with me, but not anymore; all this has been broken in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I am at peace and have found peace through Him who loves me. I have broken all ties with my family and just want to serve Jesus.

Praise God that I was released from this and set free from my family’s background. Now I know that these things can happen to us, and we can be delivered from the evil spirits which attach themselves to us. I feel free; all the bondage I have been through in my life has been lifted and destroyed by Jesus.

We need to understand that we all live in a world where spirits roam freely looking for prey. Set yourself free today if you feel that you are in bondage and life has not been so kind to you. Maybe, you may be controlled by unclean spirits.



Freed from Captivity

Dear David,

I wish to thank your wife and yourself for travelling so far to visit our family and to pray for our son. It is marvelous to have him back with us, safe and well again and taking no medication at all.

Only our God could do something like that! He started the college course last week and is enjoying it. He will have a marvelous testimony, though at the moment I am not very sure that he is aware how ill he was. We Know! We his parents and his brother are grateful to Jesus for freeing him. I do believe also that healing started in the Psychiatric hospital when we gave him the prayer handkerchief whilst he was sectioned. It was an act of obedience.

Thank you again for your guidance and support. He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world! We trust God will continue to guide us as a family. May the Lord Jesus bless, keep and protect you both as you continue to trust Him and not to lean on your own understanding. Thanks from all our family.

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